Testimonial from World Class Small Business

Over the weekend I encountered a perfect example of a World Class Small Business.

Wolf Kanat opened their first flagship store in Sydney just this month, a brand born in 1926 in Russia, led by Richard Bowman and a world class team in the Mid City Centre, Sydney.

I was in town shopping for some shoes, when this store caught my eye. Not only because of the uber-cool stylised fitout, but because I own a Wolf Kanat jacket that I purchased from Myer a few months earlier (that’s me in the image below, wearing the jacket). Until now, I thought this brand was an entry level ‘off the rack’ product … Well sir, let me tell you, this brand is anything but. 

3 things made this team World Class;

(1) Richard was obsessed by ensuring the details were perfect. This guy was a craftsman, both in his passion and understanding for gentleman’s clothing but also in salesmanship. As a customer, I felt important, comfortable and never felt “sold to”. Most ‘salespeople’ are only interested in making the sale and taking your payment, most are there for a paycheque and lack passion because of leadership and company culture.

(2) I passed comment that the jacket that I already owned was a little too long in the arms (as it was an ‘off the rack’ garment). Even knowing that I purchased the product from Myer, Richard asked me to take it off so that he could adjust the sleeves (at no cost) and ship it back to me by Friday (at no cost). Wow.

(3) I didn’t need any more jackets (I was shopping for shoes), yet I was in love with the product and this experience so I purchased two. He insisted that I allow him to make some subtle changes to ensure the garments were unique (buttonhole stitching colour and the fit). He offered this at no additional cost and included free shipping.

It doesn’t take much to stand out these days in a world filled with apathy and mediocrity. Feel free to share your own examples of world class small business. #WCSB#smallbiz#wolfkanat#richardbowman#customerservice#customerexperience

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