Richard Bowman was born in Sydney and bought up in a family of clothing retailers. He has been able to combine his enthusiasm for fashion, business and sport into a specialized service based business.about-me

Years of collecting brands, stores, and people have made a story worth retelling. Modest or momentous, Richard hand picks pieces to make your wardrobe appealing yet effortless. Having been upskilled in a customised tailoring workroom environment during 2013, that is now displayed while working out of a showroom in Ashington Court Building in King St Sydney, it’s more of an incubator than an office.

The only time Richard is happy is when his customer feels that they are the only customer. It’s at this stage the client doesn’t care how much Richard knows, because they know how much Richard cares.

Having fallen in love with the concept of magnificence in the quality of fabric , Richard knows that those fabrics can make you the best business suit or greatest business shirt TO coolest all time jacket.

Richard is driven to make clients feel like a contemporary version of themselves by that effortless coordinate. It’s a fever; once you’re well dressed the progression is that you subconsciously compete with your last performance. Richard would like to help you with that.

The leading edge of Richard’s expertise has been grafted over two decades of retail leadership in Barclays Clothing, mens retailers and clothiers to the CBD Sydney fraternity. In addition, founding and managing the Claude Sebastian Clothing label in Sydney, traders in the finest international mens clothing labels the like of, Baldesserini, Valentino and Paul Smith. Co-franchise owner of Hugo Boss AG monobrand stand alone stores in Australia  During a 12 year tenure responsible for opening and building retail presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Today Richard is nurturing and developing his greatly respected clients’ wardrobe on an individual basis. Dressed to generate or dressed to celebrate, he curates the optimal appearance…. modest to momentous!

Ready made or custom made ….as always it’s personal. Speaking of personal, he currently guides others into their own version of this business model with authentic appreciation for their own mark.

Additionally being the retail man for Wolf Kanat, born 1926., keeps a long tradition of business collaboration with the Kanat family from Melbourne.

The winding  journey is defined by a gusto… unmistakably Richard !